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Get To Know your Planners

It's important that you know who we are! We love what we do and we want to share it with the world! Although we dabbled for many years, our company got its start in early 2017. We have loved every second of growing our company and meeting so many amazing people. From weddings to baby showers, we do it all!
Enjoy getting to know our planners!

Silly Family Pic_edited.jpg

The Name, The Family, The Story

A family of Stepp's and one big dream

Long before the website, facebook page, and cool business cards,

was just a mother and son. 

A mother and son supported by their family.

Encouraged to pursue a dream that both thought was far off. 

 Throughout the years, and as the family grew, so did the amount of puns

and play on words using the family name.

It only felt right, that after all the sweat, hard work and late nights,

we honored our family name with a few puns of our own. 


One married into it, one was born with it, yet both are proud to be Stepp's.


Thus, The Next Stepp Event Planners were born.

And don't worry, there are plenty of puns we haven't used...



Meet The Team

Lead Coordinator/ Co-Owner

While Cheryl is one of our event planners and

co-owners, she is so much more. She is an elementary school teacher, a mother, an artist, a creative genius, and an expert story teller. Her eye for detail and ability to multi task gives her an edge when it comes to planning. She enjoys the company of her husband, mother and three children. Curled up with a good book, or laughing loudly at family game night are where you will find her most often.

Lead Coordinator/ Co-Owner

Meet Delano. He has always loved helping others, which is what makes him a perfect event planner and co-owner.  From his service with Boy Scouts, to spending over 7 years in retail and personal shopping, Delano has developed a creative mind and a great love for planning.  When he is not working, he is enjoying time at home with his husband and their two dogs. If you need something done, you can always count on him. He has a knack for the creative, and always is making a mess with his latest crafty project.

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Sami Simons

Bar & Catering


 From managing a classroom full of middle schoolers, to managing large scale catering's, Sami has shown us that not all heros wear capes. Being the most logical of the "Stepp" children, she has shown us time and time again that her organization, reliability, and huge heart make her a key component in our success. When she isn't using her "teacher voice" to get things done, Sami is enjoying time with her husband, Matt, their two dogs, Hendrix and Banner, and watching the latest superhero movie she can get her hands on. 

NextSteppEventsweb (5 of 14).jpg

Marie Stepp

Media & Outreach Coordinator 

Being the youngest of the "Stepp" kids, Marie has always felt she had a lot to prove. With her determination, work ethic, and passion for people, not only does Marie "step" up to the plate, she knocks it out of the park. Her fun personality makes her the ideal person to reach into the community and help establish us as a premier family business. She may always be on the go, but she's never far away, Marie makes family time and cuddle time with her fur baby a priority.


Jeanette Cobb

Administrative Finace Coordiator

Mothers know better, but grandma's know best. Cheryl and Delano would not be who they are without the continued guidance and love that Jeanette always provides. With her sharp wit and her mind always in the books, she makes the perfect addition to the team. We are so grateful that she's willingly come out of retirement to make sure we mind our P's and Q's.

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